Monday, June 27, 2011

June Skirt

Just kidding, there's no skirt!  I decided a couple weeks ago not to do one this month but I haven't had time to explain why.  June has been a crazy busy month, pretty much like every other month.  There was graduation, then Dance Festival, then the Dance Festival cast party.  Not that I had a lot to do with any of these, but I had to worry about them because that's what I do.  The day of the cast party, when I was hours away from being able to relax a little, the camp director for our upcoming stake girls camp (as in 2 weeks away) had emergency back surgery.  She has an assistant, and I became kind of the assistant-assistant.  That was kind of stressful because I don't know a lot about organizing girls camp, but my plan was to spend a lot of time during our family vacation the next week making phone calls and sending emails to make sure everything was under control.  Oh what a family vacation that was!  Thirty one people, two beach houses, nine cases of stomach flu, limited cell service and no internet.  Not the best vacation I've ever had, but certainly one I'll never forget!  Now we're home and I have a week to get ready for camp as well as take care of some pressing work matters before I leave again.  I think I need about 4 of me to get everything done.

All that craziness is not why I didn't make a skirt, it's just why I didn't explain earlier.  The real reason is that my kids are leaving for college in two months and I want to enjoy every minute I have with them.  I'm going to take a "summer vacation", not from sewing but from self-imposed deadlines, so I can have the flexibility to do whatever I want this summer and enjoy this time to the fullest.

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