Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I got a new app for my phone last week:  C25K Pro.  It was the free paid app of the day in the Amazon Android app store, which by the way I love for providing me with several great apps that I wouldn't have tried if I'd had to pay for them.  The app follows the couch to 5K training program and promises me that if I follow it I'll be running a 5K in 9 weeks.  After a major struggle with my willpower yesterday morning I got out of bed and did the first workout.  It didn't seem too intimidating at the beginning - a 20 minute workout alternating 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking.  How hard can that be?  Of course if I'd done the math I would have realized the 20 minutes didn't include the 5 minute warm up or the 5 minute cool down.  Not that it would have been a deal breaker but I should have been more mentally prepared for 30 minutes of physical activity.

I think it went pretty well for a first workout.  My running shoes are a little old and worn out, and so are my legs.  I was walking/running laps around my gravel driveway which probably isn't the best idea but if I have to drive somewhere to work out then I won't do it.  I was a little sore and tired at the end but that was to be expected.

Today is my day off between workouts.  That's a good thing, because I can barely walk.  I'm kind of curious to see how tomorrow morning will go.  I'll be battling my willpower AND my sore legs.  I think I'll need the additional motivation of my sister-in-law's wellness program (http://icanchangeclub.blogspot.com/).  Thank you Katrina for giving my that extra little push!


  1. Ooo! A 5k! You can do it! I'm so glad some else is excited about the new blog.

  2. For the record, I did my second workout today even though my calves hurt so much I could hardly get out of bed this morning. Sure, I walked and ran in slow motion but I though that was better than skipping the workout completely. It wasn't even that bad although I'm sure I looked ridiculous trying to run. One advantage of my sore legs is that with my limping, dragging attempt at walking I can be a zombie for Halloween and I won't even need a costume.


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