Friday, January 31, 2014

Back to sewing with a cozy flannel shirt

I know, it's been awhile!  It's hard to find time for myself in December and January.  In my real-life (aka paid) job I'm an accountant for our family business.  I won't go into detail, but December and January can get kind of ugly for me.  Throw in some dark, cold days and the craziness of Christmas and it's about all I can do to hold on until February, which fortunately is when my work deadlines are past and we start getting a lot of spring-like days.

I bought some purple and black houndstooth flannel in November and I decided I better get a shirt made out of it while it's still winter.  I'm trying to get a "perfect" button-up shirt pattern and I'm happy to say I'm getting closer.  I started with the pattern I used last spring for a chambray shirt.  I made the shoulders wider, the sleeves narrower, and I redrafted the collar.  I cut the front placket on the bias because otherwise I would have had to match the rows of houndstooth all the way across and that just seemed like too much work.

What I like about this shirt:  It fits fairly well.  I've got full range of motion in my arms and shoulders, which is something I can never find in purchased tops.  The fabric is warm and cozy, perfect for winter.

What I don't like:  The fabric is a little too thick for this type of shirt.  The seams are pretty bulky.  The collar still wants to stick straight out, even though the under-collar is cut smaller.  I'm happy with how the back fits but not how it looks so I'm going to start over on the back piece.  (No pictures - that's how much I hate it.)

I got a tripod for Christmas so I no longer have to balance my camera on furniture.  Unfortunately, my pictures still stink because I can't find a room in my house with both bare walls and good lighting, and my camera has some limitations.  Excuses? Oh yeah, but it gives me some problems to work on solving!

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