Monday, March 19, 2012

And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street

I've been putting off posting anything for weeks because I've been in a February Mood - you know, that uneasiness and dissatisfaction caused by those warm spring-like days that are then followed by a good dose of winter.  Nothing seemed to be going right and everything was causing me too much stress.  Unfortunately (I guess) our mild winter has extended well into March and it's still not completely spring.

One of my many stresses has been my running.  I finished the couch to 5K (yay for me!) then I got sick and had to take it easy for a week or so.  Since then I've felt unmotivated to run, but I've done it anyway - very slowly and badly.  It's been very discouraging.  I decided that today I should start the Bridge to 10K which starts off where the other program left off.  10 minutes of running + 1 minute walking, repeated 4 times, plus a 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool-down is a huge time commitment for me, but something had to change so I thought I'd try.  I run at home.  About 8 laps around my driveway is one mile.  There are lots of interesting things out in the country but after doing this since October I think I've pretty much seen everything there is to see from the driveway.  Then today, on about my 4th lap, I looked up and saw a zebra.  Well I suppose it's not really a zebra but a zebra crossed with a horse or donkey or something like that, and it was just as surprising as seeing a real zebra.  Some new neighbors moved in this weekend and we saw their full horse trailer, but never saw what came out of it.  It was really a pleasant surprise and it made my run go much better.

I carry my phone in my pocket when I run so I got a picture of my new friend, but I had to zoom in too much so it didn't turn out very good.  Hopefully he'll get used to seeing me and will come closer to the fence one of these days.

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