Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Skirt

Oh yeah, I did it!  Of course it kind of looks like a tablecloth on me, which is one of the reasons I photographed it on the dress form.  I broke one of my sewing rules with this skirt, which is don't try to make clothes out of quilt fabric.  Actually it works fine for kids' clothes, but adult clothes are supposed to have a more fluid drape and quilt fabrics are usually made of short fibers which don't drape as well.  This is a better quality quilt fabric so it could be worse, but the skirt has too much flare for this fabric, making it stick out like a bell when I wear it.  Oh well, it looks cute on the dress form so I may just leave it there.  And even if I never wear it, there were some benefits to making this skirt:

1.  I've stuck with my goal for 3 months. Only 9 to go!

2.  I came up with a pattern that fits reasonably well.  I need to tweak the back a little and maybe take out some of the flare, but overall it's pretty good.

3.  I learned a lot about making a really narrow bias trim.  See the strips along the pocket edge and at the bottom of the yoke?  It's some charcoal gray taffeta left over from a skirt I made for Ashley.  It doesn't look that great on the pockets but I didn't have time to redo it.  The yoke looks much better.  When it's only 1/8" wide any uneven stitches really show up.  I got in some good practice and now I'm practically a pro!

For the sake of record-keeping, I used about $10 worth of fabric and everything else was already on hand.  Technically the fabric was already on hand too, since I bought it for another purpose, but since I only bought it last week and I remember how much is was, I might as well count it as a cost.

I have to say that this project would have been much more enjoyable if my sewing room weren't such a disaster area.  I think I should resolve to clean and organize it really well next month and post pictures, but I'm not quite ready to make that commitment.

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