Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Day in my Life... (or possibly the most boring post ever)

I kept thinking I wanted to write about a normal day in my life.  I kept putting off this project because every day seemed like it was going to be unusual in some way, and I was determined to use a typical day.  Turns out my typical day is decidedly not normal, so here goes!

6:40 - Woke up half an hour later than usual. I must have been tired and I didn't have any early morning commitments so it didn't hurt anything.

6:40-7:50 - It's surprising that my early morning routine takes so long.  I read my scriptures, ate breakfast with the kids, got an idea what their plans are for the day, checked my email and Facebook, then read the newspaper.  That’s kind of a lot.   I guess it’s not so surprising it takes so long.

7:50-8:50 - I don't think it should take me his much time to get ready in the morning, but apparently it does. Besides showering and getting dressed I did my one cleaning chore that I do every day without fail, I towel-dried the shower. It's time consuming, but it’s better than cleaning soap scum and mildew off the tile later. I also had to deal with the cat who was scratching the furniture and chewing on the corner of the tile counter top.

8:50-9:15 - Time to do all those other little chores that take more time than I think they should, like pick up dirty clothes, feed the pets, and run the dishwasher. Also time to load up the car for the day: shirts for dance festival practice tonight and serger and sewing supplies for sewing the dance festival costumes.  This dance festival is a church activity that is taking a huge amount of my time.  In June we’ll have about 600 teenagers dancing in a performance, and although I’m not in charge of any of the preparation I get to do a lot of little things relating to it.

9:15-12:30 - Sewing party for the costumes.  We had about 15 people at the church working on about 75 of the costumes and we didn’t finish.  I brought a few skirts home to finish and I’m sure I’ll be bringing home a lot more in the coming weeks.

12:30-1:00 – I came home for lunch, saw the kids (they got out of school early today), got the mail, checked with my email, and played with the cat.  Hey, I fit quite a bit into that half hour!

1:00-1:30 – I decided to start on this blog post so I wouldn’t have to do it all tonight.  I started it in Google Docs, then the internet decided to be stupid.  That happens a lot here so at least that part of my day was normal.  I did some of it on my phone and saved the rest for later.  It would be interesting to figure out how much time I waste every day waiting for the internet to work.

1:30-4:30 – Work.  I’m glad I can work pretty much as much or as little as I want, whenever I want, but I still don’t like doing it.  I like getting paid though, so I’ll keep it up.

4:30-5:15 – I put the dishes away while chicken was defrosting in the microwave, then I fried some chicken strips for buffalo chicken salad.  My dear husband was kind enough to make the rest of the salad.  I really hate cutting up lettuce and tomatoes. 

5:15-5:45 – Family dinner J

5:45-6:00 – More emails to deal with.

6:00-9:00 – I drove an hour each way to attend one of the dance festival rehearsals and collect some costume order forms and money.  It was a nice drive in the foothills and it’s always good to see the kids having a great time. 

9:00-10:00 – Phone calls, emails, and visits, mostly involving the dance festival.  I thought I’d have more time to finish this post but life took up too much of my time today. 

10:00-whenever this is posted – Finishing up this post.  I wish I had some time to make this more interesting, or at least proofread what I’ve written, but truth is I’m tired and tomorrow looks different from today but equally as busy. 

15 minutes after that – Getting ready for bed and hopefully falling asleep! 

If I weren't so tired, I'd make a list of things I didn't get done today.  It would include exercising, mopping the kitchen floor and doing the laundry, and it would be so long that my internet definitely wouldn't stay connected long enough for me to upload it.  It's ok though, I had a good day. 

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