Friday, July 26, 2013

6PAC Summary

Hooray, I did it! I set a goal in May to sew six coordinating garments before the end of July.  There were certainly obstacles in the way, such as difficulties with my vision and multiple vacations, but I did it anyway.  I wouldn't say it was an overwhelming success in giving me great additions to my wardrobe, but the success came in other ways and I have certainly learned a lot.

Here are my six pieces (and links to the individual blog posts):
Navy polka dot skirtPink silk skirtChambray shirtWhite linen shirtRed jacket and White t-shirt

Some of these pieces will end up working well in my wardrobe and some won't. I love the navy skirt despite it's imperfections and I wear it every chance I get.  The pink skirt and I just don't get along well.  I've worn everything but the t-shirt but I'll be able to salvage it too.  See how big the red jacket makes my dress form look? It does the same thing on me.  I like it though and I'll wear it anyway.

What I have learned:
1.  I work best with a plan and a deadline.
2.  I need to work on defining my style.  Basics are ok, but they shouldn't be boring.
3.  I've got to learn to take pictures of myself. The dressform doesn't show the real results.
4.  Mistakes are not failures, they are learning experiences.

I will certainly do this again.  Probably not for fall because I have some other projects planned, but definitely sometime in the future.

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  1. Great collection! I am impressed. Well done.
    Sew Ruthie (


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