Friday, April 29, 2011

April Skirt

See, I really did finish the skirt.  I had a similar skirt that I bought with this sweater and t-shirt a few years ago, but somehow the skirt got too small for me.  I can't imagine how that happened!  Anyway, this new skirt is made from another skirt I bought a few years ago.  The zipper fell apart and one of the seams ripped out (I don't know why since it was a full skirt and definitely not too tight), so it's been sitting all wadded up in the bottom of my closet for awhile.  I bought the pattern a few months ago and it was fairly easy to make and it fit pretty well with only a minor alteration.  I had to buy a piece of black linen for the waistband, some interfacing (because I needed black - I have plenty of white), and white lining.  I think those few things cost me around $30, but now I have a skirt I'll actually wear.  I like the pattern but the proportions are a little off so I'm going to change the size of some of the pattern pieces before I use it again.  (The center front piece should be wider and the side front pieces narrower - it doesn't show in the picture.)    My other observations on my life based on this picture are that I need to lose some weight and my legs need to get a little sun.  If I'd had more time I would have photoshopped a tan :-)

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