Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Thankful for Today

I've been running around all morning and I'm supposed to be somewhere right now, but I have food in the oven that I'm supposed to be bringing somewhere and it's not done yet.  That gives me a few minutes to write about nothing for the benefit of the very few people who will actually read this.

I've been so busy and overwhelmed this past week that I've felt like complaining a little.  I thought I deserved a few minutes to myself, or some time to read a book, or just some time that I didn't have to think.  When I start feeling like I deserve something then I know something is wrong and I need to change my attitude.  This morning I went to a funeral for a woman only a few years older than me.  It kind of gave me a reality check about what my life is all about.  I don't deserve free time or a full stomach or a roof over my head or good health or any of the things I either take for granted or want more of.  I'm just glad I have today to enjoy my family and friends because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Now I'm thankful I have an understanding family and a car to get me to where I was supposed to be 35 minutes ago.  Happy Easter!

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